is about people that teach themselves to learn from each other,

about skills that keep them fit in body and mind.

Because of a situation where we are expected to let our health depend on washing hands, facemasks and eventually vaccinations

instead of strengthening our immune system, we have decided to get together for activities that strengthen our resistance.

Start your own little community or,
join us, in



At least twice a month, UNDERGROUND TANGO MEETUP
Parquet floor for up to 30 people, music 50/50 traditional/alternative, no regular partner required.

Frank's tango hostel Beelsstraat 23 Helmond NL CONTACT


Foam floor (4cm) for up to 6 people.

Frank's tango hostel Beelsstraat 21 Helmond NL CONTACT


Foam floor (4cm) for up to 6 people.

Frank's tango hostel Beelsstraat 21 Helmond NL CONTACT


Learning about differences to enjoy everyone of them.

Exchanging skills, tricks, lessons or simply kindness.

Always for the pleasure it brings.

Respecting expectations of others, without supporting them.

Never for the gain of money or power.

Although many deprive themselves and their children from affection, overwhelmed by (sexual) violence, by the media.
OUR ACTIVITIES require so much teamwork and trust that we automatically become alienated from violence and sexual intentions.

Unlike many that allow their freedom to be suppressed by rules based on fear and terror,
OUR ACTIVITIES are about the responsibility and courage needed to achieve freedom.

Although development aid for the poor, to many seems to imply that they themselves also need development aid from others,
OUR ACTIVITIES set an example for those in need for that and automatically result in self-development.

Although the need for privacy, exclusiveness and status is already well established in our society,
at OUR ACTIVITIES, teamwork is aimed at equality in its purest form.

Even if education is focused on right or wrong, instead of why or on differences causing dissenters to be bullied,
in OUR ACTIVITIES differences in style, taste, character and choice, and learning to use these differences, are indispensable.

Unlike the "mistakes" we are expected to avoid, keeping up the appearance to master them, doing everything right from the beginning,
OUR ACTIVITIES are more focused on learning about anything that can go wrong while achieving our goal.

Even though many rely on the knowledge of experts who often also benefit financially from the advice they give, in OUR ACTIVITIES we depend on our own knowledge comparing it with the knowledge and experience of others.

The difference in status between teaching or taking lessons, with the idea that you only have permission to do anything, guided by an expert or if you are one yourself, is avoided in OUR ACTIVITIES as we teach ourselves while we may ask for feedback from others.

Instead of taking responsibility for others (and vice versa), which makes us experience the expectations of others as a burden,
in OUR ACTIVITIES we only take responsibility for going through our own learning process.

Even though many are used to letting their happiness depend on money, earning it with 1 task, and paying others for other tasks,
OUR ACTIVITIES are aimed at learning from each other without the need for money.

Unlike many people feeling more important being a member of a certain club or having a certain status in a group of like-minded people,
in OUR ACTIVITIES, we can feel special about our differences from others.

Although many base their choice of clothing on fashion regulations or expectations of others,
the clothing at OUR ACTIVITIES can be practically focused on functionality.

Despite governments consciously pursuing the opposite of what they promise their supporters and even covertly representing their opponents themselves,
OUR ACTIVITIES are focused on what we strive for ourselves, only representing ourselves.

In a society where the rich take care of the poor, so that someone with more money cannot maintain a friendship with someone who cannot afford this lifestyle, OUR ACTIVITIES are free of charge and therefore to be shared with every level of wealth.

Even though many are tempted to use greeting rituals to replace a spontaneous hug, sometimes relying on therapists, hairdressers, beauticians or even prostitutes to get that kind of attention, in OUR ACTIVITIES "holding each other" is an indispensable part.

Despite the respect for authority and governments that demand respect with "desired" measures,
OUR ACTIVITIES link respect to performance and effort to achieve mutual development goals.

Even though we are governed by an authority that, among other things, makes itself necessary by demanding permits or other documents for permission to do something. OUR ACTIVITIES do not involve any earnings and therefore do not require authority to share your experience with others.

In a society that strives for long working hours with no time to think about what is really important to us, unless you are rich enough to let others work for you,
the rich are getting richer at the expense of the poor, while OUR ACTIVITIES keep us independent of money, providing our basic needs and keeping our ability to think in top condition.

In a world focused on achievement in the sense of power, money and wealth, OUR ACTIVITIES are focused on achievement in the sense of mental, emotional and physical growth.

Let's put Helmond on the map as the tango meeting place for the Netherlands.
Tango already leads to emotional growth, loving intimate communication and mutual respect,
but this style of TANGO NUEVO also offers a lesson program that prepares you to dance tango in 5 lessons and to develop yourself further, together with others.

After the first lesson we arrange a date where you promise to pay me 50, if you do not finish these 5 lessons in the time period we both agreed on.
During this time period, you will be in charge of planning these lessons anytime or as many times you want.

So free of charge, as a reward for your self-discipline and commitment in building a tango family together.
Later free lessons will continue, but these first 5 lessons are critical to finish within a certain time frame.

Lesson 1
2 ways of walking with 4 legs increase / decrease speed
Lesson 2
Slow down / speed up + change direction Lesson 3 Ochos + sandwich left / right
Lesson 4
Barridas left / right
Lesson 5
Boleos front / rear

Or choose 1 of the OTHER ACTIVITIES in which you learn to work together in a playful way, in finding the connection between you and a partner.