• Welcome to Frank's backpackers.
    Home for self-sufficient travelers, sharing a 6-bedded dormitory room,

    using a common language(English) to cooperate in sharing the same space, without the need for extra costs for cleaning.

    Enjoying facilities and contact WITHOUT USING ALCOHOL OR OTHER DRUGS, finding everything in THE SAME PLACE/STATE.

    The unusual part of this concept is

    1 maintaining a mold- and limescale-free place DRYING EVERYTHING you made wet.

    So not only when you dripped on the floor, but drying all sides and corners of taps, sinks, floor, water basin or shower.

    2 avoiding waste or smell by SEPARATING GARBAGE into paper, plastic/metal, glass, organic, putting it in the appropriate bin, leaving no garbage that isn't recyclable.

    3 keeping utilities clean and available by WASHING&DRYING dishes DIRECTLY AFTER USE putting them back exactly where you found them, so others can find/use them as well while you are eating.

    4 freedom for me and you so NO RECEPTION, as I am usually busy/traveling myself, and probably not there when you arrive.

    In winter (Nov.-Mar.) I also need you to agree on A TEMPERATURE OF 19 DEGREES in the common room, PROBABLY LOWER in the dorm, depending on keeping doors shut.

    If you agree, would you please REPEAT in your own words,WHAT YOU AGREE ON

    So there will be no misunderstanding and we both know exactly what we are in to.

    Please include a PICTURE OF YOUR PASSPORT DETAILS (at least name+number) so I can register you in advance and send you a door code to get in, any time you want, as I will probably will not be there when you arrive.

    Thanks, Frank

    Payment to: ING bank: Frank de Wit    NL83INGB0008370790

    Thanks, Frank

  • 1 night 17 per bed/person    (max. 2 beds per booking NO GROUPS)     More nights 15 per bed/person

    including all taxes

    No reception: pay in advance and receive a door code 

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