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17 euro per person for 1 night. More than 1 night = 15 euro per person per night.

FREE use of computer + Internet and WiFi
FREE hot and cold showers
FREE soap/shampoo/toothpaste etc. (= left by guests)
FREE food (= SHARED FOOD left by guests)
FREE oil, herbs, salt,...
FREE use of kitchen(+ tools) 
FREE use of refrigerator + freezer
FREE Bed linen           (please bring your own towel)towels available are for drying anything you made wet.
FREE use of folding bike (€50 deposit) to take with you on the train for free!
FREE Lockers (please pay €10 if you loose the key)
FREE bicycle parking 
FREE luggage storage

EXTRA facilities
Digital door code to enter
Bed lights
Laundry facilities
€6 dryer €3
Garden access (no smoking)

After the booking is paid + ID sent in advance you receive a door code to get in any time you want.

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