Let's put Helmond on the map as the tango meeting place of the Netherlands.

Tango leads to emotional growth, loving intimate communication, affection and mutual


Sometimes it can even be fun!

Here is an overview of a dance program, guaranteed to teach you to dance tango in 5


After a term we both agree on, you pay 50 for 5 lessons, but only if you do not finish

those lessons or do not complete them within this term.

So FREE, as a reward for your self-discipline and support in building a (no cost) tango

community together.

Lesson 1

2 ways of walking with 4 legs increase / decrease speed

Lesson 2

Slowing down / speeding up+ changing direction

Lesson 3

Ochos + sandwich left / right

Lesson 4

Barridas left / right

Lesson 5

Boleos front / back

Just let us know when you want to start.

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