HETERONOMOUS                                        AUTONOMOUS

A hidden secret of tango,
of which some tangueros don't even seem to be aware of,
is about to change the world.

Although the majority of traditional tango dancers (tangueros) worldwide,
in general are educated people with a certain social status,
that support any authorities (including QR-code) protecting their income,

the only reason why I believe they seem to be the most loving society in the world, is
the men taking care of their privileged princess, making her shine like a moviestar, 
supporting this feminine insecurity, while telling her how to be a good follower,
while not being able to do it themselves, for being too controling and authoritarian,

but because,
at least they want to dance with more than 1 woman, while women want the same.

That's why outsiders, usually think they see a (married) couple
sharing an intimate dance like tango.
While some tangueros even enjoy dancing with the same gender,
without being gay.

The mayor reason

why we remain strangers among strangers,

is turning intimacy, into a privilege, exclusively for 1 person.

That's why TANGO NUEVO can be an everlasting source of life experience.
In particular for courageous free thinkers within the conditioned society we live in.

As if you can form 1 body on 4 legs together, you're not only capable of dancing to any music you like, but also with anyone you like.
Although that can be frightening at times,
dancing with a complete stranger will usually lead to a fascinating introduction.

An introduction to your capacity to support inspiring experiences, or rather,
respect limiting experiences,
without having to support them and without them, limiting you.
Resulting into a growing confidence in your own capacities and the capacities of others.

By undertaking a kind of personality test, in the form of a complicated physical exercise,
you can, unconsiously, teach yourself to, literally dance like 1 body on 4 legs, together.
From within your senses, so without choreography.

This personality test is and remains free, for anyone that want to keep developing,
joining one or more local practice groups, automatically supporting the growth
of this open source dance,
or eventually even offering this personality test, themselves,
after also mastering the more complicated task, being a "follower".

Connecting instead of following,
is something I can learn faster, without any theory about basic steps,
experiencing in practice, with a partner, how it feels, if it works,

and how it feels, if it doesn't work.

Only then I can learn to understand, what it is that I do, if it works,

and what it is that I do, if it doesn't work.

Only then I can build a personal theory about how it works and how it doesn't,
but still nobody will understand me until they experience it by themselves...

It seems to be common to protect our beloved ones against the big bad world.

But what if the world isn't that bad after all?

What if there's only a few bad people, that happen to be in charge because they know exactly how to keep us divided?


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